“NIGGERHEAD” TIP OF PERRY RACISM?” Rick Perry, Niggerhead Camp & Racist James Throckmorton Of Racist Throckmorton, Texas

It was a mostly white world. In 1950, the census counted about 900 black residents out of a population of about 13,000 in Haskell County, numbers that have declined steadily. Throckmorton County, where the hunting camp is located, was for years considered a virtual no-go zone for blacks because of old stories about the lynching of a black man there, locals said. The 1950 Census listed one black resident in Throckmorton County out of a population of about 3,600. In 1960, there were four; in 1970, two; in 1980, none. The 2010 Census shows 11 black residents.

While Western media sources are now identifying Niggerhead camp and Throckmorton County, Texas as another place in the Lone Star State where racial terrorism against blacks prevailed, according to legendary word of mouth Texas historian Guadalupe Mason, the true history of the epithet named hunting ground is even more sinister than the racist outlets are willing & ready to report.

“Throckmorton and his lot were avid racists,” Mason says. “And the sprawling hunting ground that Perry and his family adore today was named such (Niggerhead) because it was land upon which gaming whites would pay top dollar to release black men, women and children into the wild and hunt them for sport.”

Mason says it is unimaginable that Perry is not familiar with this history and, more likely, (that history) is the reason he maintains it today.

“No one is willing to discuss the number of blacks who were hunted for sport there,” Mason says. “Allegedly, it is not uncommon to find their corpses and dismantled body parts strewn across the land now.”


Who Was James Throckmorton?

James W. Throckmorton – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

James Webb Throckmorton (February 1, 1825 – April 21, 1894) was an American politician who served as the 12th Governor of Texas from 1866 to 1867 during the early days ofReconstruction. He also served as a United States Congressman from Texas from 1875 to 1879 and then again from 1883 to 1889.

During his term in the governor’s office, Throckmorton’s lenient attitude toward formerConfederates and his attitude toward civil rights ran afoul of the Reconstruction politics of theRadical Republicans in Congress. He drew the ire of the local military commander, Major General Charles Griffin, who soon persuaded his superior, Philip H. Sheridan, to remove Throckmorton from office and replace him with a Republican and loyal UnionistElisha M. Pease.

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